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“Truth is one, paths are many.” Gandhi


Somatic therapies focus on developing awareness of your inner and outer physical sensations. Therapies can include breathwork, massage, visualization, movement, meditation, and sense perception explorations. Treatments are 60 or 90 minutes in length and are bespoke to you and the moment. We can work with one modality or blend them together; we will discuss what best meets your needs on the day.

Therapeutic Massage
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Therapeutic Massage  promotes good health of body and mind through restorative touch and embodied presence. It releases chronic tension and pain in muscles, detoxifies the tissues by stimulating circulation, increases flexibility in the joints, and reduces mental and physical fatigue. Numerous studies have shown that regular massage lessens the effects of everyday stress and creates a feeling of true relaxation and renewed vitality.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy  is a subtle yet powerful hands-on treatment that encourages the clients’ inherent healing mechanisms to work at optimum level. The client lies on their back fully clothed while the therapist monitors the tide-like ebb and flow of the cerebrospinal fluid to detect potential restrictions and imbalances and then facilitating change in these areas. Most people experience craniosacral therapy as profoundly calming, meditative even, and talk of feeling as if they had rested very deeply or as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

Relaxing in Nature
Somatic Bodywork

Somatic Bodywork  is a mix of body awareness inquiries where we uncover old unconscious, possibly unhelpful, patterns and explore creating new, supportive neural pathways; recognise our sensitivity to the power of touch and proximity/boundaries; and become familiar with our felt sense of ourselves (or lack thereof). It can happen seated, standing, moving, or lying down. There is no “right’ or “wrong” involved.  A basic understanding of neuroplastcity is that new body patterns–micro and macro– create new thought patterns. In this work we are reconnecting to our body’s wisdom and a healing sense of wholeness. 

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